I have two PhDs: one in business (University of Jyväskylä, 2006) and one in education (University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, 2012).  I have worked about seven years as Director of Education in the department of business management in Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences/Southern Eastern University of Applied Sciences, Finland. Before that position I worked as a principal lecturer of entrepreneurship since 2003, and head of international business management degree programme since 2006.

My research interests are especially related to entrepreneurship education and interdisciplinary aspects of entrepreneurship as well as creativity.  Further, I have been strongly involved in internationalization of the department during all of these years.  In addition, I have been active in taking part in various conferences since 2001 (over 30 in total). Once my research paper has been selected as the best paper of Advances of Business-Related Scientific Research Conference (06/2011 in Venice, Italy) and once my research poster has been selected as the best poster of International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (02/2014 in Bangkok, Thailand). I have been invited as a guest lecturer seven times in Antwerp, Belgium and as a key note speaker once in Taipei, Taiwan (2008) and once in Hangzhou, China (2009).